JING ZHOU (CH), 2007-08
The book of Changes, Web art project

The “Book of Changes” translates this ordered universe into a system of parallel symbols,
sixty-four hexagrams, which express the various human situations. From the Chinese
perspective, all phenomenal existence is conditioned by two polarities in contrast—Yin and
Yang, which represent the dynamic of change, an organic order corresponding to human
nature. To represent this ancient Chinese cosmic conception in a digital interactive art form is
rejuvenating the old culture, as well as transforming and enriching the future one.

Jing Zhou born in ChingQing China. Lives and Works in New Jersey, USA. Master in Fine Arts by the Georgia Southern University (USA). Works on digital print, photography, video/animation, interactive media, visual design, fine arts regularly since 2003.
Major exhibitions / events: Digital International Juried Exhibition, Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego, USA 2006; FILE Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2007; Media Art Biennale WRO 07, Wroclaw, Poland 2007; SIGGRAPH Art Gallery: Evolve, Los Angeles, USA 2008

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