The Gilter Strip, digital poetry

The Glitter Strip is an interactive digital poem, infinitely zooming/clicking mosaic comprised of over a 100 poetic image tiles, which combine and recombine as you click and move and click. The work is thematically attached to the exploratory and recombinatory nature of networks, how small worlds are hidden within the larger and ever changing mosaic of the net. The images come from the Gold Coast, a city just close enough to Brisbane, Australia to feel its magnets and filter its unwanted, a city stuck between desire and geography, an curious tourist and glitzy town filled with strange stories and hidden histories, but struggling to find some future beyond beaches and hotels. Each tile of this addictively clickable digital poem is a small ficto-history or poetic retelling, signs of the difference between what is there and what they hope (or hoped) for it to become. And as each new mosaic is formed, the reader must search for what they haven’t seen and find new connections to what continually re-arrives.

Jason Nelson born outside of the plains of Oklahoma City of the country south of Canada and far, far north of Brazil in a year after the 60s and before the 80s. Lives and Works in Gold Coast of Australia. Is an academic at Griffith University where I teach students to break and play with all manner of technologies and building odd digital creatures since 2000. My artwork has been featured in dozens of venues, including winning the Paris Biennale Media Poetry Prize in 2009, a Webby Award in 2009, the Jury Award for the ELO exhibition in 2012 and a feature in MIT’s Leonardo.

Alan Bigelow
Barry Smylie
Cristina Pavesi
Jason Nelson
Jing Zhou
Jody Zellen
Kaya Barry
Luigia Cardarelli
P. Whittenberger
Victor Mancilla