Up North, Web Art

UpNorth is a html gallery simulation for the installation of a series of acrylic paintings.

Barry Smylie born in Calgary, Canada in 1948. Lives and Works in Toronto, Canada. Is Bachelor in Fine Arts, by Sir George Williams University, Montreal, Quebec and a Master lithography printer’s chop condoned by Don Holman of Open Studio, Toronto. Exhibits / work at the level of internet media, lithography, acrylic painting, regularly since 1967. Major exhibitions / events:
Home Exhibition, New York, U. S. A., 2013; Drawing for Art, Whitby, Canada, 2013; Genius Loci, Mississauga, Canada, 2012; Silent Spring, Chicago, U.S.A., 2012.

Alan Bigelow
Barry Smylie
Cristina Pavesi
Jason Nelson

Jing Zhou
Jody Zellen
Kaya Barry
Luigia Cardarelli
P. Whittenberger
Victor Mancilla