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Alessandro Amaducci
Claudio Rivetti
Dave Farnham
Eleanora Manca
Elena Tagliapietra
Laura Jean Healey
Lawrence Mesich
Leonid Dutov
Minimal Baroque
MIssirkov / Bogdanov
Pablo Fernandez
Sahar Marcus
Sai Hua Kuan
Stefano Sbrulli
Viktor Fucek
The term Digital Performance can usually be defined to consist of all types of performance in which computer technologies have taken on the main role rather than an auxiliary one in the content, techniques, aesthetics or the delivery forms. Digital performance will usually explore the representations of the subliminal, dreams and fantasy worlds (in Wikipedia).

The body as an artistic concept suffers from the late 50's a release in various directions. While some works the idea of unification of art and life (John Cage, Joseph Beuyes, Fluxus), other performance artists develop a design regardless of causality, consider the human body as an aesthetic material, a projection surface and indicator of mental states. The video as a technician medium becomes a constructive element of the action: the recording, such as the transmission of data on a monitor, enable dematerialization of the real body and its radiance in new images (Vito Acconci, Bruce Nauman).

With prodution from the Web Art Center and partnership with Celeste Prize (Italy), Fonlad festival presents Digital Performances from Alessandro Amaducci (Italy), Claudio Rivetti (Italy), Dave Farham (United Kingdom), Eleanora Manca (Italy), Elena Tagliapietra (Italy), Laura Jean Healey (United Kingdom), Lawrence Mesich (United States of America), Leonid Dutov (Russia), Minimal Baroque (Italy), Missirkov / Bogdanov (Bulgary), Pablo Fernandez (Spain), Sahar Markus (Israel), Sai Hua Kuan (Singapore),Stefano Sbrulli (italy), Viktor Fucek (Slovakia).