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Spiritus Publica by Viktor Fucek (SK)
Video, 2 Minutes 3 Seconds, 2012

“Ikiru in Japanese means to live. Ikiru came from the word Iki of suru – breathing. Our breathing, we should strive to improve. Japanese culture has grown through labour on rice fields. Our culture has evolved in the rhythm of peasant life. We don't live in this rhythm now instead of it we run. When we learn how to breathe correctly we learn how to live.” (From the film Evelyn Gleenie – Touch of Sound, 2004)
“Spiritus publica” is a record of actual physical limits of breath. I created a "dough" by mixing chalk dust (Gesso de Bologna) with water and dipped apple into it. This white dough symbolizes attempt to fix the object and thereby its shift into dimension without time. Later I tried clean it by my breath. The breath is here main medium, a measure of existence. I am seeking proper rhythm. Here is important of personal repentance, purgation through physical suffering.

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