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Indifference by Stefano Sbrulli (IT)
Video, 01 Minutes 50 Seconds, 2012

Faber est suae quisque fortunae.

Each is master of its own destiny, but often the fate of one is the result of indifference to another.
These are two phrases that accompany the sad fate of an insect with all the will 'try to change his fate before the eye lens and indifferent indifferent eye of one who could change his fate but for his own choices decides to remain in place.
Small as a metaphor in this society 'increasingly' often remains on the sidelines when there 'to positively change the situation of another, but that it moves only for their own interests.
Music by Felice Gattuso.

Alessandro Amaducci
Claudio Rivetti
Dave Farnham
Eleanora Manca
Elena Tagliapietra
Laura Jean Healey
Lawrence Mesich
Leonid Dutov
Minimal Baroque
MIssirkov / Bogdanov
Pablo Fernandez
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Stefano Sbrulli
Viktor Fucek