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Space Drawing no.7 by Sai Hua Kuan
Video, 16:9, 0 Minutes 58 Seconds, 2010

Space Drawing No.7 was created at a warehouse in the city centre of Limerick. Like many other waste urban space in the city, this is a place where emptiness and decay are slowly taking place within a manufactured and civilized urban landscape. Space Drawing is a series sculptural video work and live performance, which explores the idea of the simplest but the most fundamental function of a line – to divide, subtract and define a space. It was site-specifically executed in various venues including at the Esplanade (Singapore), Woburn Square (London, UK), South Hill Park (Bracknell, UK), Tower Kronprinz (Kalinlingrad, Russia), Atelierfrankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany) and Sichuan Art Museum (Chengdu, China).

Alessandro Amaducci
Claudio Rivetti
Dave Farnham
Eleanora Manca
Elena Tagliapietra
Sai Hua Kuan
Laura Jean Healey
Lawrence Mesich
Leonid Dutov
Minimal Baroque
MIssirkov / Bogdanov
Pablo Fernandez
Sahar Marcus
Stefano Sbrulli
Viktor Fucek