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I Sing The Body Electric_ Skin by Skin by Eleonora Manca (IT)
Video, 16:9, 3 Minutes 36 Seconds, 2012

The project I Sing the Body Electric starts from a line by Walt Whitman, and revolves around the topic of the body meant as a border. “Border” is not understood in a negative sense, as a boundary marginalizing and alienating, but in an expansive sense, as a neat line of demarcation between the “self” and the world. A border among skin, frame and space. The body is dealt with as it were a language in which the telling self and the told self overlap, and it reveals itself through the perception of space merged with the artist's skin. At the same time, the artist’s body is made a sign of all bodies, and through self-exploration becomes an archetype, losing its subjectivity. In the age of excess, when everybody seems to have access to anything, the present work cries out the extreme debasement of being segregated in a single sexual body and at the same time it cries out the frailty of our nature, both in the flesh and in the spirit. A mute cry of homage to the body and its “scars”.

Alessandro Amaducci
Claudio Rivetti
Dave Farnham
Eleanora Manca
Elena Tagliapietra
Laura Jean Healey
Lawrence Mesich
Leonid Dutov
Minimal Baroque
MIssirkov / Bogdanov
Pablo Fernandez
Sahar Marcus
Sai Hua Kuan
Stefano Sbrulli
Viktor Fucek