8 Photographies
8 Web Art Projects
8 Videos

Virtual Catalogue

The Web Art Center presents an exhibition of the best works presented at FONLAD Festival since its creation in 2005. For this purpose were chosen by José Vieira, the best 8 photos, 8 videos and 8 web art projects, from the collection of the festival.
The FONLAD Festival is a festival of digital art that is presented every year on the internet and in different parts of the globe, having a physical component, by the presentation of screenings, exhibitions and video installations, held in Coimbra, Portugal.
One of the key components of the project is the dissemination on the Internet of the art projects submitted in each edition. Edition after edition, the works are renewed over time and some are becoming lost in the thousands of web pages, ending in oblivion.
Under the proposal by the Web Art Center, the direction of the Festival decided to recover some of these works and present them in context of Best Off, preceding the release of the 9th edition of the Fonlad Festival in April 2013.
In each edition, it was picked up the best work in video, photography and web art (award nominated) and multiplied by 8 years of the festival, giving the 24 works that now are present in the virtual space of the Web Art Center.