Eija Temiseva
Fenia Kotsopoulou
Francesca Bonfatti
Francesca Svampa
Genevieve Marsh
Livia Chiovato
Isabel Perez del Pulgar
Rrose Present


Woman Body seen by herself by Rrose Present

From the re-presentation of the bodies of desire to the presentation of the desiring bodies that construct their plural identities from each of their connected "Rooms of One's Own"(1). Bodies that legitimize their plural discourses with the liberating experience of  creation thus winning the battle to domestication.
This is an exhibition of Selfies made by different artists, of different procedures, with diferents bodies shown in different formats (video and photography) that could be an intimate revolution of desiring bodies are irreducible to the other person's gaze.

Here's where art (not institutional) can be a space of resistance against the story of the Patriarchal Ethno-centric Historical Fiction of the Arts and Representations, that for centuries exposed the bodies of women under the panoptic view of domination. Here's where the sexual desire of men became law, a story imposed on our bodies, behaviors, habits in all their symbolic representations.
The Museum, as an institution, has crystallized the violence of the historical narrative with the dehumanization of bodies that have been robbed of all possibility of their own story.  They are shown as passive, servile, comfortable, violated, obedient to the voice of their owners.

Illuminated bodies for eternity in their invisible discursive legitimacy.

Now is the time to recover women authors who illuminated their bodies with their own discourses like Maya Deren. She opened the way for Moving Images ”Cinema” to enter the Museum as a form of Art antagonistic to the educating mass narratives of the Hollywood industry. With her "Chamber Films"(2) she looked for an intimate experience both in the creative process of filming and in the format of her projections. Her gaze was like a visual writing made in that "own room" that allowed her to create worlds from the place of the subtle, the fragile, the imagined, the magical, a subjective gaze in which camera and body were united in lively choreography in space / time of the film.

The Selfies presented here might well be the inheritors of that subjective gaze which uses the placement of the subtle as a powerful weapon against the monolithic thinking, that in the hypermedia era, with the superproduction of selfies, re-produce the steroids of the capitalist-system-world that continues commodifying  with our bodies.
In this introduction I will not impose any words as law on the bodies presented by the artists. Let your works open to our plural looks in a range of possibilities, so that no theoretical body, of any race, gender, class, religion, country, nation, culture, leaves no voice to another.
An art that can transform the battle between dominated and dominant in a dance of desired and desiring bodies that share a common space.

1 “'Rooms of One's Own' connected” Virginia Woolf 's 'Rooms of One's Own' concept mixt with 'Connected Rooms' on network by Remedios Zafra.
2 Maya Deren called her Films “Chamber Films", she wanted to create an atmosphere similar to the Chamber Music concerts in her screenings.