Eija Temiseva
Fenia Kotsopoulou
Francesca Bonfatti
Francesca Svampa
Genevieve Marsh
Livia Chiovato
Isabel Perez del Pulgar
Rrose Present

Photography, 2015

It is a series of photography in which the stars are related to the spots on the body. Each place where it has a spot on the skin was highlighted with yellow neon paint. The body in this case is the space, both galactic and the body that occupies the photographic support.
The idea is that this spots presented on my body could form drawings, like stars in a constellation, however they were created, and doesn't have any relation to drawings formed by the real constellations, at least for the moment, they are just a body constellation.


Degreed in Visual Arts by the Federal University of Uberlândia in 2016. Was a Tap Dance teacher, and developed some works relating this dance with the Visual Arts. In her works she focuses on photography, dance and textile arts. Took part in some collective exhibitions and today, besides her individual work, she is part of the Dø Collective and photographer on Dø Fotografia.