Eija Temiseva
Fenia Kotsopoulou
Francesca Bonfatti
Francesca Svampa
Genevieve Marsh
Livia Chiovato
Isabel Perez del Pulgar
Rrose Present

Vídeo: 1:00 / 16:9 / Color / Sound

“In the future there will be a technology that allows to re-create a person on the base of images of his/her body. You have 1 minute video possibility to provide those images”.
That was the thrilling proposal made by director and writer Silvano Agosti and the beginning of “Io Corpo”, a 1 minute film where I think about my body and create a relationship with it mediated by the camera.
Woman Selfie Body Experience is the first time that “Io Corpo” is exhibited to the public.
Now it is for me another chance to re-think about nudity and how in western culture and society is a critical issue.


Francesca is an Italian filmmaker, who loves to look with the eyes of a stranger, that’s why she lived and traveled around Europe, Africa and America.
Among her work there are short documentary films, video-dance and experimental pieces, that somehow intersect social and artistic field.
She had a variety of learning experiences, formal and informal, and in 2016 she accomplished the “Master on Essay Film” (MFA) at Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television (EICTV) in Cuba.