Eija Temiseva
Fenia Kotsopoulou
Francesca Bonfatti
Francesca Svampa
Genevieve Marsh
Livia Chiovato
Isabel Perez del Pulgar
Rrose Present


The inability to remove the scars hidden.
Scrape the surface of things to leave the surface the time of suffering that persists in the soul. The video sequences run in the frame of an area of private personal presence, in which actions mute and painful - as required steps or thresholds of transformation - the limit of 'exhalation - try to exceed the limit of the nature of pain. Eradicate a disease as its "eternal memory."


My Nude Female Vision begins with a need: Searching for sensations and perceptions of self through the appropriation of one's own body.
In my shots the nakedness appears contracted and implosed, turned and returned to an interior; it is not an expansion of a body that is displayed, but a revelation of a being and of what it hides. Of a mystical body, which encloses a clot of mystery. Self-portraying postponement of a fracture ...
Indeed, today, more than ever, in a society that has dissected and subdivided the material dimension from the spiritual one, nudity has become an expression of a taxed and inculcated identity through devious patterns in which women are not recognized and increasingly refuse .
An "expropriated" identity, driven by the fullness of its integrity, of its role in the natural order of things.
So in my shots the search is just that of an original, untouched original - almost biblical - still in tension between purity and corruption.


Francesca Bonfatti is a Visual artist, Video performer and Photographer who lives in Italy.
For several years exploring different techniques and languages until it explodes passion (always present!) for photography. "Photography for me was and is a treasure trove mysterious and sophisticated that allows me to see how in a magic door the distance between me and the life around me."
The artistic and human revolves around the concept of space-action reveals, "that line blurred between where we are and where we appear."
That of the boundary and the boundary is a subject declined to 360 °, border space as a limit but as a mutation and, as is taking shape appear out of nowhere (ad_parére "come to life"), the appearance as a revelation becomes the only depth possible. The subjects and themes of the work flow from coextension between the real world and the mental world, a "place - space" where they experience a journey of knowledge and refinement.
Among the most representative of my poetic united by the same thread of the series: "Self_border" (border of self), where overlap with suggestions poetic autobiographical those linked to forms of magical thinking in different cultures, "Dance to the moon" and "The role of Isis" series dedicated to the moon feminine symbol and element of the mother earth, mostly self-portraits where dance becomes a method to retrieve and act on the forces of nature, a tension in search of harmony and inner perfection. Internal_ice: a series of portraits of "internal" influences from minimal, in which we combine the borders (internal / external) between living space and personal space. "Boundary revelation space space" (space visible presence): with this project and analyze port "beyond" the sensory experience, in a space of visible presence, letting the shadows and highlights of being submerged and inaccessible areas of the ego where space becomes a place of the unexpected, the "possible", then change's. Work "Over the walls and boundaries" explores dimensions and planes of existence and ideally defines the space of the border between real and imaginary, material and spiritual.