UAVM - Jan. 1st to Jun. 30, 2017
WAC -- Sept. 1st to Dec. 31, 2017
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In December 2017, 35 years of my first exhibition will be completed.
Throughout these years I have come a long way with advances and retreats, with inflections and jumps of course, pauses and retakes, a “white” way of curves and against curves, which I was climbing in the distance.

This way seems to me by stages and characters. Characters that have crossed a road of their own, which I have called “phases” and which in the long way that I have gone through, I have already seen 24. In general, each phase has a very peculiar form of expression, going from the “tout-court” drawing to video art. Each “phase” is a discourse, a concern, which is renewed / completed in each new re-invention.

If you want to characterize my whole work in one word or phrase, that would be “redemption.” Redemption presupposes the spiri- tual salvation of the sinner, one who does not follow the spiritual procedures, but who, through repentance and self-denial, is able to return to the path of spiritual salvation.

This word characterizes my journey in the sense of resuming the spiritual path that the mundane life tends to obscure or distract. Through redemption through Art, I constantly return to this path that life tends to cross.

It is in this sense that, from time to time, I am “obliged” to stop, to reflect, to think long and hard on the road I have traveled and that I want to go through. Thus my journey is accompanied by moments of great creative fury - this moment may not be good, it may be - and sometimes it is - the desperate search for the return of the right path - and moments of great inertia, but it is a reflexive inertia ,Where the thought searches for the right bridge to the other margin, to be able to follow the way.

But where does this long road take me that persists in not show- ing me the end of the road?
When we look back and see this long road that we leave behind, we really want to look forward to questioning the distant end that we have not yet anticipated.

The road.The way.The moment.The gift.The present dresses of the past to face the future.

José Veira

"7th Portrait", 2017
(scene seven)