UAVM - Jan. 1st to Jun. 30, 2017
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Seven portraits that make the balance of 35 years of artistic career.
Each portrait covers, more or less, a period of five years, corresponding, more or less, to an artistic stage. Thus, I can conclude that throughout my career my art went through seven evolutionary phases: Meta Painting, symbolic conceptualism, white phase, embryonic, digital art, Unknown artist and Rompeschiena.
The Meta Painting covers a period that goes from the first drawings of 82 to the first paintings of 87. It is an experimental period where one rehearses the learning of some pictorial techniques.
The next period, which goes from 87 to 92, is the search for an identity, a style that would consolidate in a more coherent and assumed form in the following period: that of the white phase.
Between 92 and 96 (more or less) I developed a work that went through several phases and that had as its common denominator the exploitation of white color as an expressive factor, essentially in painting.
In December of 95 is born my daughter is a new world opens to artistic creation: through an ultrasound I discovered the digital world that completely revolutionized my artistic journey. Between 95 and 98 I developed the first digital project I would call "Embryonic".
Between 2005 and 2011 I developed the "Unknown Artist" project where I questioned the role and place of art in the artistic system at the beginning of a new century. Being one more project that poses questions rather than giving answers, I finally started my last great project, which I called "Rompeschiena, the Great Magician" (in 2012), through which I intend to follow the great spiritual revolution of the world, and Which art can not be alienated.

Left: "Study with 6 portraits"
Up: "7th Portrait" (final pannel)


(from left to right)
Scene one, digital print (120x50 cm)
Scene two, digital print (120x50 cm)
Scene three, digit print (120x50 cm)
Scene four, digit print (120x50 cm)
Scene five, digital print (120x50 cm)
Scene six, digital print (120x50 cm)
Scene seven, dig. print (120x50 cm)